Electron 7.1.92020-01-13T19:33:06Z()

Release Notes for v7.1.9


  • Fixed a crash in contextBridge that happens on garbage collection. #21736
  • Fixed a crash that would occur when Notifications were closed in concert with app termination. #21719
  • Fixed an issue that could cause frameless windows to become undraggable in some circumstances. #21723
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent communication between a sandboxed child window opened with nativeWindowOpen: false and an unsandboxed parent window. Also fixed document.visibilityState not working in sandboxed <webview>. #21696
  • Fixed an issue with potential duplicate error popups when calling shell.showItemInFolder on Windows. #21749
  • Fixed white flash when foregrounding an occluded window. #21750


Electron 7.1.82020-01-08T22:05:27Z()

Release Notes for v7.1.8


  • Fixed an issue in the net module where aborting a request during a redirect could cause an error to be thrown. #21645
  • Fixed incorrect button highlighting when defaultId is passed for dialog message boxes. #21652

Other Changes

  • Updated crashReporter to throw an error for getLastCrashReport if crashReporter not started. #21683

Electron 7.1.72019-12-19T21:15:16Z()

Release Notes for v7.1.7


  • Fixed an issue where calling allowNTLMCredentialsForDomains() could cause a change in Kerberos SPN generation behavior. #21572

Electron 7.1.62019-12-18T02:14:26Z()

Release Notes for v7.1.6


  • Fixed black boxes with <select> tag inside <webview> and OOPIF on windows. #21526
  • Fixed media-specific globalShortcuts not working on macOS. #21548

Electron 7.1.52019-12-13T22:09:48Z()

Release Notes for v7.1.5


  • Added workaround for nativeWindowOpen hang. #21497
  • Fixed cookies.set not working correctly when name or expirationDate is omitted. #21481
  • Fixed a weird behaviors and crashes when controlling window menu by keys. #21453
  • Fixed accessibility window title on macOS. #21466
  • Fixed contextBridge crash when opening and closing many windows. #21514
  • Fixed source maps not loading in devtools with file scheme. #21494
  • Fixed window menu unable to hide on startup. #21449
  • Removed Electron.dsym from macOS application zip. #21487

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