Electron 6.0.102019-09-19T05:40:16Z()

Release Notes for v6.0.10

Other Changes

  • Added Windows on Arm node header files to checksum file. #20260

Electron 6.0.92019-09-12T13:29:55Z()

Release Notes for v6.0.9

Other Changes

  • Fixed node.lib linking issue. #20194

Electron 6.0.82019-09-09T19:17:00Z()

Release Notes for v6.0.8


  • Fixed an issue where cursor blink rate was not honored. #20046
  • Fixed crash with --inspect-brk under ELECTRON_RUN_AS_NODE flag. #20098
  • Fixed issue where using the menu on Linux would un-focus the webContents. #20035
  • Reduced the size of the chrome-sandbox binary on Linux from ~5MB to ~0.2MB by stripping debug symbols that were inadvertently being included. #20081

Other Changes

  • Added Windows on Arm (64 bit) release. #20113
  • Updated Chromium to 76.0.3809.146. #20149

Electron 6.0.72019-08-31T05:40:14Z()

Release Notes for v6.0.7


  • Fixed issue where maximizing a window on Windows in vertically stacked multi-monitor setups could result in the window rendering a white screen. #20052

Other Changes

  • Updated Chromium to 76.0.3809.139. #20042

Electron 6.0.62019-08-30T06:32:13Z()

Release Notes for v6.0.6


  • Fixed a bug where windows would sometimes shrink to 0 size after being restored on Windows. #20001
  • Fixed i18n of GTK messageboxes' stock buttons. #20007

Other Changes

  • Updated Chromium to 76.0.3809.138. #20024

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