Without target configuration, electron-builder builds Electron app for current platform and current arch using default target.

  • macOS - DMG and ZIP for Squirrel.Mac.
  • Windows - NSIS.
  • Linux - AppImage.

Platforms and archs can be configured or using CLI args, or in the configuration.

For example, if you don't want to pass --ia32 and --x64 flags each time, but instead build by default NSIS target for all archs for Windows:

"win": {
  "target": [
      "target": "nsis",
      "arch": [

and use

build -wl


  • target String - The target name. e.g. snap.
  • arch Array<"x64" | "ia32" | "armv7l"> | "x64" | "ia32" | "armv7l" - The arch or list of archs.